“Breathe Easy”

A program of Support for Families

From The Second Wind Foundation for Pulmonary Fibrosis

The program is designed to provide support for families affected by Pulmonary Fibrosis.  It’s understood that the program is not all encompassing, however with additional resources the organization can continue to expand the program to include other aspects of assistance.

Foundation Resources:

The Second Wind Foundation shall utilize 25% of it’s yearly estimated donations based on an approve budget each year.

The Program:

As an introduction to the program, initially we will provide a $50 gas gift card to each viable applicant that requests assistance through the application process.  Applications will be submitted to a 3-person subcommittee who will review all applications for their viability.

Program Subcommittee:

The Breathe Easy Subcommittee will be assigned by the Board of Directors and will consist of at least 1 member of the Board of Directors.

The Breath Easy subcommittee will receive and review applications from families and submit recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval.  They will also recommend to the Board of Directors any changes to the program.


The following will be, but not limited to,  items of information that will be necessary for the subcommittee to approve patients for the program.  This information is to be completed by the applicant or caregiver.  It may be necessary for the Second Wind Foundation to contact applicants to request additional information.  Submittal of the application is approval for the organization to contact you.

Support groups
Yearly Income
Doctor provided supporting documentation
Why assistance is being requested


  • Applications are to be submitted either via the Second Wind Foundation for PF website, or via USPS.
  • Applicant must provide supporting documentation.
  • The committee will review the application for applicant viability.
  • Once approved the “gift card” will be sent to the applicant.
  • If individual is not approved for whatever reason, the subcommittee will respond with reasons for not being approved.
  • Contact with the individual requesting assistance may be necessary to gather additional information.
  • Applicants will only receive one $50 gift card each 6 month period.

Other Considerations

The “Breath Easy” program will be administer initially through the Second Wind Foundation website.  As the program begins to grow, we can then expand the program through hospitals, support groups, and other organizations associated with Pulmonary Fibrosis.

CLICK HERE To download an application.

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