Before Our Annual Ride, We Offer “A Bikers Prayer”

Tomorrow is our annual Give A Gift Of Breath motorcycle ride.  Here is a short prayer for all the bikers who join us.  Click here for more details on our ride!

Motorcycle riders (Brandon Gordon - CC - FLIKR)

A Biker’s Prayer

May the sun rise in front of me. May the rain fall behind me and the wind follow me.

May the angels of my brothers and sisters who have gone before me guard my travels, for they know the perils of the road ahead of me.

Keep me safe through the rough city streets on my way to the land of the swirling turns and rolling hills.

Let the turning colors of fall keep me warm. Let the eagle guide me to the mountain tops. Let the Moon’s light guide me through the night.

May my tires not fail me, nor my engine grow old. May my bike draw life from the streams I pass.

Keep my seat soft and my mind sharp. Let the air of spring breathe life into my soul, to journey to another adventure beside my brothers and sisters.

Come join us on the open road this fall weekend and “Give the Gift of Breath”!

Posted by: Karen Casey

Rik-Sha Blues Band To Perform At Second Wind Motorcycle Ride, Volunteers Still Needed

The summer is slowly coming to a close and that means that the Second Wind Foundation’s annual motorcycle ride is fast approaching. If you have not signed up to take part in the “Gift of Breathe Ride,” click here to sign up.

We are pleased to announce that after this years ride, the Second Wind Foundation will be providing live music for you to enjoy while you feast on food from the Puritan Back Room.



The Rik-Sha Band will be performing their own mix of rock and blues. They will entertain you with a mix of music from Hendrix, to CCR, to Neil Young and some they wrote themselves.


We are also looking for people who would be interested in volunteering for the event. We will need people to help set up food, tables, register riders, etc. If you are interested in volunteering, email Ron, by clicking here.

We look forward to seeing you all there on September 13th!

Remember if you sign up before the end of August you can save $5.00 on your registration fee.


Thank You For Making Our First Annual Motorcycle Ride A Success!

Motoride2013022The Second Wind Foundation for Pulmonary Fibrosis conducted its 1st Annual Motorcycle Ride to help raise needed funding for research for a cure to Pulmonary Fibrosis.  Thank you to the many people who came out to support our cause, especially the Ed Brown family and friends.  A special thank you to Moe Joe’s Restaurant for being the host of our event.  

The New Hampshire State Police Motorcycle unit sent two motorcycle officers to escort our ride.  Officer Aaron Richards and Officer Brian Ross were extremely helpful in allowing our ride to be safe, and we thank the New Hampshire State Police for their assistance.

 Our fundraising efforts could not have been as successful without the help of the many organizations that donated:

  •  Moe Joe’s Restaurant – Sponsor to the event
  • Manchester Monarchs
  • Nadeau Subs
  • Hair Game
  • Giovanni’s Pizza
  • T-Bones
  • DerryField Restaurant
  • Goldenrod’s
  • Zoeys
  • Nelson Auto
  • Revive Salon

It is without saying that all this could have not been accomplished without the many hours of hard work by members of the Second Wind Foundation board and the many volunteers who worked with us during our event in order to make this a successful fundraiser.  We hope to see you next year at our 2nd annual Second Wind Foundation for PF Motorcycle Ride 2014.

Ron Geoffroy